A lot of people nowadays tend to skip breakfast in an attempt to lose weight and neglect its crucial nutritional importance. However, these people do not know that the opposite effect is obtained and we will now find out why:

Breakfast is the most important part of your nutritional program, and thanks to a good breakfast you can start the day with the right energy, promoting muscle gain and fat loss because a proper breakfast provides the body with enough macronutrients and energy to support you for most of the day. If you eat 3 eggs for breakfast, you'll be hungry within an hour. However, wholegrain oat flakes reduced to flour along with pure isolated proteins and a banana or a handful of raisins together perhaps a cup of coffee will allow you to maintain full energy by providing a slow release of blood sugar for at least several hours during the day, with a preparation time of only 5 minutes. There is no other solid meal that can be prepared so quickly without any further preparation and with such a good flavor that it allows you to keep yourself satisfied for so long. People who are busy during the day and can not afford to eat for severe periods of time and bring meals with them can reap the greatest benefits in this way, since a single high-calorie breakfast will keep the their efficient bodies without their blood sugar levels falling too much with the consequent warning of drowsiness and fatigue caused by the lack of energy.

If you add casein proteins instead of whey together with oats, you will have a combination of carbohydrates and slow-release proteins, which will give you a period of 5-6 hours of lasting energy without the need for supply you further.

We must know, however, that after the long night fast when you wake up you need food with a quick assimilation to quickly restore the glycogen stores, also trying to repair the damage caused by the muscle catabolism that is created for the long hours of nocturnal fasting where the body goes to degrade muscle proteins for energetic purposes (this topic is much discussed at the moment but we will talk about it in another more specific article), therefore it would be more appropriate to use casein-type proteins as pre nanna and the isolated whey that turn out to be of a faster assimilation and therefore turn out to be the best to be eaten at breakfast.

Nutritional Values

 50 grams of Instant Oats mixed with 30 grams of Whey Protein along with a banana or a few handfuls of raisins combined with a cup of black coffee or green coffee extract (to be consumed within 10 minutes of breakfast preparation) and a excellent breakfast that will provide you with energy for a long time also at the macro / micronutrient level with complex carbohydrates and high quality fibers and proteins, and some (good) fats, together with a natural mine of vitamins and minerals little and with a superior quality! You can also add raw honey or cinnamon to enhance its flavor. Or you can also make delicious protein pancakes prepared with the appropriate pancake preparation along with some walnuts or crushed almonds in the dough are a completely tasty alternative accompanied by a zero-calorie syrup, or even a good Bulk protein porridge Powders turn out to be good alternatives that should never be lacking in sports nutrition.

Weight control

Numerous studies, done on adults and children, have shown that those who make breakfast have a lower BMI index than people who skip it. It may be due to the fact that people who skip breakfast tend to eat later during the day and make nutritional choices worse, such as the hunger that is felt before lunch and eat sugary snacks like chocolate bars to fill hunger , as it is often not convenient to eat properly at work or at university. Eating breakfast avoids this problem and reduces hunger, helping to make healthier meals choices throughout the day.

Increased Concentration

In addition to the benefits we have seen previously, breakfast will help you stay more focused, especially during work and study hours. In 2005, the Journal of the American Dietetic Association conducted studies on the subject, arriving at a conclusion that making breakfast is the best correlation between memory, cognitive functions and concentration.

This means that breakfast is not only essential for your nutritional plan, but there is a clear improvement on efficiency and overall performance throughout the day.